Permits and Applications

Submitting Permits and Applications Via Email

Submittals for all of the applications found below can now be emailed directly to us. Submittals and attachments should be sent as PDFs.

Permit Application Email Address:

Click here to email a permit application to the Planning Department.

Each application requires a certain number of items to be included as part of the submittal. Please check the application form for the permit you are seeking to ensure you included the necessary materials. A printing fee may also be added to the overall permit fee. 

If you are part of a Homeowners Association (HOA) we recommend contacting them to make sure your proposed project complies with their rules and/or covenants. 

Permit Fees

The following is a link to Chapter 195 of the Township Code of Ordinance that provides each of the fees associated with the Planning Department's permits: Township Ordinance No. 888

Permit Applications

All Building, Zoning, Fence, and Demolition permits are required to be accompanied by a plot plan and/or survey that includes the entire scope of work, drawn to scale.