Plans and Reports

Annual Report

Shortly after the end of each calendar year, the Planning Department produces and publishes an annual report that is intended on providing a detailed analysis of Planning Department's activities from the previous calendar year.

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Monthly Report

Each month, the Planning Department prepares a monthly report outline the development activity and Planning Department-related matters that occurred during that month. 

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Comprehensive Plan

The Peters Township Comprehensive Plan, Plan Peters 2022,  is a policy guide - intended to create a framework for land use and capital investment decisions. During the course of a three-day scenario planning workshop, participants identified those features that were most prized and/or most desired in Peters Township. The lists that emerged from each of the eleven groups who participated were strikingly similar and also mirrored much of the input received earlier in the planning process. From this input, several Guiding Principles were identified as the cornerstone of the township’s Plan. These Guiding Principles are as follows:

  • Promote Unique Activity Centers
  • Emphasize Housing Choice & Diversity
  • Stay Forever Green
  • Building Township Character & Identity
  • Increase Transportation Choice & Walkability
  • Enhance the Municipal Advantage
  • Excel In Education & Township Services

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