Thank You for Submitting a Trail Bridge Banner Application

Thank you for submitting a trail bridge banner application.  We will contact you shortly.

*** IMPORTANT ****

Peters Township sponsored events take priority over non-Peters Township sponsored events.  Also, Peters Township reserves the right to move a banner to a different location due to Peters Township needing the space to promote a Peters Township event, an important community announcement, or any other information Peters Township wishes to promote.

While we make every attempt to keep the schedule in-tact and most of the time it does remain in-tact, there are times where your banner may be moved from E. McMurray Road to Bebout Road or from Bebout Road to Sugar Camp Road to accommodate a Peters Township banner.  This may occur on short notice.

We will let you know when your banner(s) is moved.  As long as one of the six banner locations is available, it will be moved to another location to be seen by the community.