Why does a fire truck respond to a medical emergency?

The Peters Township Fire Department is a Pennsylvania Department of Health certified Advanced Life Support (ALS) Quick ResponsPeters Township Fire Department's ALS Certified Squad 64-1 showing its PA DOH Licensuree Service (QRS). This means that our department is licensed and trained with EMTs and Paramedics to respond to medical emergencies. The department operates three (3) ALS vehicles that are equipped with nearly everything in an ambulance, the only difference is that we can not transport a patient to the hospital.

Some instances when the fire department is dispatched to medical emergencies:

  • Critical calls: instances where the patient's condition is severe enough that additional medical personnel are needed to provide adequate medical care such as cardiac arrests, loss of consciousness, and traumatic emergencies
  • Proximity: often times a fire apparatus may be closer to a medical emergency; minutes matter, and the quicker medical attention can be rendered to a patient, the better the outcome
  • Ambulance availability: when Peters Township VFW's ambulances are unavailable and an ambulance must respond from another community, the fire department is dispatched to begin patient care prior to the arrival of the transport ambulance

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