Street Resurfacing

Mele & Mele & Sons, Inc. headquartered in Braddock, PA, has completed paving for the 2023 Street Resurfacing contract. 

The Township currently owns approximately 114 miles of roadway and seeks to resurface between four and six miles of streets on an annual basis. Every three years, the entire network of Township-owned streets is evaluated and the results entered into our Pavement Management system. A 3-year resurfacing plan (map) is then prepared and is used as a tool to aid in the selection of resurfacing candidates.  A new 3-year plan for 2024-2026 will be prepared in Fall 2023.

As a general policy, roads to be resurfaced in a given year will be selected on the basis of their Pavement Condition Index (PCI), Age (when they were last resurfaced), and Traffic Volume (i.e. road classification). However, it must be stressed that these maps, and statistics, and data are merely tools to assist the Township with the selection of roads to be resurfaced. Often, other factors may override the general policy which may include construction vehicle routes, road groupings or proximity, known future projects of outside agencies (utility companies, PennDOT…etc.), or engineering judgment.