Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Peters Township Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in Peters Township by working in partnership with our community to enforce the law, preserve peace, reduce fear, and maintain order. The Department is committed to accomplishing this mission through the protection of life and property, for all citizens, by treating every citizen with courtesy, professionalism, and respect while enforcing the laws impartially, fighting crime through deterrence, and the relentless pursuit of criminals.

Core Values

The core values that guide the actions of all officers of the Peters Township Police Department


We are men and women of principle; we are driven to pursue the hard right versus the easy wrong


Integrity reflects our values in action.  Our actions reflect the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics; we do the right thing without excetion, so that our behavior inspires and sustains the confidence of our community. 


In value there is hope.  We are undaunted by the challenges before us, resolute in our commitment. 


We respect the dignity and worth of all and treat citizens and colleagues alike with dignity and respect. 


Ours is a profession of service.   Our compassion binds us to the communities we serve and inspires us to help others ad promote justice.