Pollinator Planting Challenge

The Peters Township Environmental Quality Board (EQB) invites you to join the “PT Pollinator Planting Challenge” by planting a bee friendly garden in 2021 and beyond!  It’s easy, fun to do, and you are not alone, as you join with a million other gardeners doing the same across our country.

Register Your Garden Today!

  • Fill out this form to register your garden
  • EQB plans to recognize township households with simple signs that your landscape is Bee Friendly
  • Gift certificates to local garden centers will be offered via online raffle to assist in your planting effort

What is a Pollinator Garden?

  • A garden planted with flowers that predominantly provide nectar/pollen for a range of pollinating insects
  • It can be any size - from a balcony with potted plants to a backyard to an acre!
  • Visit the pollinator garden planted in Elm Grove Park last May

Why are Pollinator Gardens Important?

  • Pollinators are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we take each day
  • Pollinators include bees, butterflies, birds, and more
  • They are at a critical point in their own survival
  • Increasing the number of flowering plants that provide nectar/pollen will help both their health and numbers

Additional Resources