Snow Removal 

Snow Removal

  • Peters Township performs snow removal on 137 miles of roads, 21 of those by contract with PennDOT.
  • The Public Works Department maintains a fleet of 13 fully equipped trucks plus 3 additional vehicles equipped only with snowplows. 
  • The normal response time to apply salt to all streets maintained by the Township is 3 hours.
  • Normal response time to have plowed all streets at least once within 6 hours.
  • Remember that Peters Township does not permit residents to shovel or plow snow onto the roadways.

Snow Emergencies

When a significant snowfall occurs, it is sometimes necessary for the Township to declare a snow emergency.  During a snow emergency, on-street parking is prohibited, and the Police Department can issue tickets or even have vehicles towed away.  Citations can be issued to operators of vehicles not equipped with snow tires or chains.  When a snow emergency is declared, it is broadcast on Peters Township Cable Television: Comcast channels 21 and 95 and Verizon channels 38 and 40.  This information is also distributed to a number of local radio, television stations, and available on the Township homepage and social media pages.

State Owned Roads

State owned roads for which the Township contractually provides snow removal service are: 

  • Bebout Road
  • Church Hill Road
  • E McMurray Road
  • Justabout Road
  • Sugar Camp Road
  • Thomas Road
  • Valley Brook Road
  • The Township does not provide this service on W McMurray Road, Route 19, Venetia Road, or Waterdam Road.